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Milawa Mill

Some 128 years after the decommissioning of the Oxley/Milawa flour mill, local flour is again coming off stone mills in Milawa. Having grown up in Oxley and passing the old mill I am not sure how many times I wished we had a local working mill. Now just a classic photo opportunity for passers-by and the iconic wedding photo.

Our new flour mills come from France from a small artisan mill operation and now homed at the Cheese factory site, home to Milawa Bread and The Milawa Kitchen.

It seems a timely delivery in the current situation but that was not the plan. We were not really looking at retail flour for another year but can’t keep up at present.

I am not sure how to feel at this time, it is a life dream and a new journey started with the milling operations. But businesses and people are losing their way of life. I feel humbled that my dream can repurpose my restaurant staff into flour millers….and keep them employed.

Florence and I have been travelling back and forth to France over the last few years to work with millers to give us a better understanding of milling high-quality local flour. Our plan was to slowly bring the mills online with flour just for the bakery but believe now is the time to give people the choice and ability to buy their flour locally from where it is milled.

Whilst the mill is a dream come true, it is only a small part of the new journey.

The Milawa Mill will be working in direct relation with Andrew Freshwater from Clear Creek Pastoral who will be growing our grain in Eldorado, only 15 minutes from the bakery site. This is the most exciting part of the project with over 60 varieties of grains going into the ground as a trial plot and a 200-acre paddock for the rest of our grain for the mills.

My focus as a winemaker and chef was looking at our grains from a local GI point of view along with regenerative farming practices and landrace grains predominantly pre 1930’s I was not sure where this would go, and in the current global situation am even more unsure. I truly believe we need to rethink how we have been doing things before.

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